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Relaxation is a Balm that Soothes our Frazzled Minds

Everyone can use a chance to relax a little. Our lives in modern society are jammed full of too many things to do and not enough time to do them all in, and our minds are constantly over-stimulated and interrupted without enough downtime. Relaxation soothes the jagged edges of too much traffic, too much advertising, too many choices and brings us back to a deep state of calm.

Breathe in. Slowly gently deeply. Breathe out.

This series of relaxation emails will help you take a few moments to relax your body and calm your mind each day. We’ll send you beautiful images, smart techniques and guided practices. You can do them right away – they’re designed to be quick and easy to do wherever you are – or save them until you’re in a quiet place with a bit of time when you won’t be disturbed so you can really enjoy the relaxation. Either way, you’ll feel more relaxed, grounded and at ease.

Like Wind on Water

Your breathing is your secret weapon to deep relaxation. When you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, notice your breathing – and slow it down. A few deep breaths can change your entire physiological state. A few more can shift your mental state as well. Suddenly things that felt impossible become doable again. Your ongoing stress can melt away, if  you give yourself permission to eliminate it and practice techniques to contain it. One step at a time, you can change the way you experience stress and build habits that automatically cultivate calm.


We’d love to hear from you to see how it’s going and if you have suggestions that would help you relax even more. Just reply to any of the emails you receive and tell us how you feel. What’s working for you? What do you need to relax fully and let the tension drain away?